Best Selling co author along with several authors including Dr. Wayne Dyer of, "Wake Up... Live the Life you Love...Living Your Life's Passion".  Susan Paige, OMC, LMT, offers award-winning content on Reiki, Intuitive Sessions, Essential Oils, Aromatheraphy, Pathways of Light, Inner Wisdom Counsel, Inner Child Workshop, Self Awakening Workshop, Personal/Spiritual Growth   Workshop, Energy Awareness Workshop, Massage Therapy Instructor, Kuan Yin Loving Workshop. Susan is also an ordained minister of an open ended non denominational congregation and can perform ceremonies of marriage,unions and other life transitions. Marriage, Unions, and Life Ceremonies, products, news, opinion pieces, feature articles, interviews, photo exhibits, multimedia works, links and discussion areas. This rapidly developing site engages users through its innovative material.

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Listen to Susan Paige talk about the legend of Quan Yin and her recent cruise in the Adriatic Sea near Italy. Show aired on "Your Astrology Now" July 23, 2014

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From the #1 Best Seller "Wake Up...Live the Life You Love" Series Wake up, Live the Life You Love, Finding you life's passion, compiled by Steven E & Lee with wayne Dyer, deepak chopra, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack M. Zufelt, Ron Wypkema, Dr. Karin Wilking, Waldo Waldman, Susyn Timko, Matthew G. Sikich, II, Jeffery Craig Shirley, Helen Shanley, Matthias Schmelz, Ann M. Preston, Patrick Phillips, Krystalya Sharon Ann Marie, Kimberly Mac, Maria Leslawski, David Kendall, Roger Jones, Alice Inoue, Captian Gail Harris, Bill Harris, Sandy Forster, Carolyn Cummings, Serina L. Cox, Dr. Scott Conard, Kwai Lan Chan-Cook and more. Create a life of your dreams as inspired by Wake Up...Amelia Wong, Anthony Robbins Company Are you choosing to be, have, and experience more in your life? Whatever you are experiencing in life these heart-felt stories will enlighten, inspire, and motivate you to pursue your passion. With contributions from best-selling authors, entrepeneurs, internationally-acclaimed speakers, and business professionals, this book explores the search for passion in life and the rewatrds that it can bring, What they accomplish is possible for you, too. Read how they found their passion, realized their success, and accomplished their dreams
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