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Book Review by Tony Cecala, Ph.D.  
Reprint: The Holistic Networker — Winter 2005, pg 31

Finding Your Life's Passion
Compiled by Steven E. & Lee Beard

Finding Your Life's Passion contains 64 chapters by 64 of the world's top counselors.  Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Mark Victor Hansen have contributed to this book along with local practitioners, Serina Cox and Susan Paige.

Each story itself provides a unique viewpoint on the theme of finding and fueling one's life with a passion that dissolves obstacles and inspires others.

Serina Cox shares how learning how to love herself (as in the phrase "Love Others As Yourself") transformed her life.  In learning to love herself, Serina learned she could follow her bliss—she could take a chance on leaving a corporate job to teach yoga full-time.

Susan Paige shares her inspirational story of how overcoming the obstacles in her life helped her to become a conduit of love for the clients and students that she sees daily.

Finding Your Life's Passion is a great book to carry with you and read for a moment during a lunch break.  I love it as a daybook; I find that reading a chapter upon awakening is a good way to gain some perspective before launching into the busy-ness of the day.  I highly recommend this book—especially for people who feel stuck in their lives.  Finding Your Life's Passion may help you see that your greatest obstacles can propel you to your greatest achievements.


Finding Your Life's Passion

... Whatever you are experiencing in life these heart-felt stories will enlighten, inspire, and motivate you to pursue your passion...

Compiled by Steven E & Lee

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