Chakra Balancing with 7 Essential Oils of Ancient Scripture
Essential oils have been used for many centuries for upliftment and spiritual growth.  They are mentioned in many ancient scriptures like the bible where references to the use of essential oils appears more than five hundred times.  Through our sense of smell our olfactory and lymbic systems can be the gateway to higher consciousness.  Essential oils contain frequencies that can helps us gain wisdom and higher consiousness.  Some essential oils like, Frankincense, have the abillity to cross over the hardened cellular wall of our blood brain barrier and affect our cellular memory to enhance our personal spiritual and emotional journeys.

Experience a sense of well being and higher consciousness through the use of seven specific higher frequency therapeutic grade essential oils for balancing your own energy centers or chakras.  You will follow your own personal journey as you intend it during your session.

1 hour session   $ 80.

How to order the kit: Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture, Item # 3143

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 Chakra Balancing Classes

Susan Paige, OMC, LMT.
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