Pathways of Light® Personal/Spiritual Growth Workshop
I am certified to offer over 22 Pathways of Light courses, including all those required for ministerial ordination right here in the greater Dallas Area, or by facilitated correspondence over the phone wherever you are.  I am also available to facilitate Pathways of Light courses in a group setting.

You are about to discover the availability of a wondrously enriching spiritual experience, which will expand your awareness of the gentle voice of your Inner Wisdom and bring you to a deeper level of peace.  If you prefer group work, I also can facilitate Spiritual Awakening and Healing Inner Child Groups.  For those who prefer private sessions, I offer Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling.

Additionally, I am available for customized, nondenominational marriages and unions, and can help you create your own unique ceremony that reflects what is important to you.  I am also available to assist you in planning and conducting other ceremonies, including baptisms and life transitions ceremonies.

Courses for Spiritual Growth
6- or 12-hour courses focus on helping you access inner Wisdom and remove the barriers to Love's presence.  The courses are attended by people new to a spiritual focus, as well as people who have spent years with meditation or metaphysical study.  The classes are experiential, and the focus is on inner Wisdom.

Facilitated Correspondence Courses
Correspondence courses offer you a way to accelerate your growth at home.

Susan Paige, OMC, LMT.
Susan has been in loving transformation all her life.  Her many gifts have brought others peace and a deeper understanding of their joyous potential through her insightful ability to combine her skills in a unique way.  Susan is a co author to the #1 Best Selling Book, 'Wake Up...Live the Life You Love...Finding Your Life's Passion', 2004;  New Cd release of her meditation, 'Kuan Yin Loving Meditation', 2004;  She will support you with respect to your individual concern on your journey to empower yourself through your wholeness process.  Susan's compassion for your needs is rooted in her own journey through many obstacles and challenges on her path.  She knows her own wellness is rooted in her emotions and thoughts and has learned many healing techniques that have aided her on her journey and is offering these in service to you.  Susan has thirty years experience in the fields of holistics, personal growth, spiritual growth, healing arts, art and retail, national speaker and workshops, artist, teaching, writing, marketing and management.  Susan is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and has been a Reiki practitioner for ten years, she received her training in Chicago and Milwaukee;  Self Awakening Spiritual Counseling, Ministerial Counseling, OMC & Facilitator Certification, Pathways of Light College, WI, 1995;  Licensed Massage Therapist, Massage Institute and Healing Arts Center, Dallas, 2002;  Massage Therapy Instructor, KeKino Institute of Healing, Plano, TX; Kroeger Herb Level 1 & 2 Training;  Aromatherapy Training w/ D. Gary Young, ND, Dallas, 2000;  Professional Coaching Course, CTI, 1998; BA Northern IL U. Experience includes Instructor at The Center for Life Enrichment, Dallas;  Director of 7th Ray Books & Herbs holistic center in Milwaukee, WI; Manager of Yoga for Life, Yoga Center/gift shop in Dallas, TX;  managed art gallery, Phoenix;  owned business, Chicago.  She conducts workshops throughout the country.

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